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AC Milan Jersey 14-15 Home and Away Kit by Adidas

AC Milan Jersey

AC Milan Jersey

The New AC Milan kits release today with the truly new design. The previous the AC Milan kits were leaked in February 2014. Today AC Milan only release Milan Home and Third kits, not include away kit. AC Milan 14 15 Home And Away Third Kits Released! There is something different from design new AC Milan home kit, it is the logo AC Milan changed with St George’s Cross.

This is new AC Milan 14-15 Home Kit by Adidas

Very different for a new design of AC Milan 14-15 Home Kit. Beside change AC Milan logo with St George Cross, AC Milan shows different red-black striping on the shirt. There are 2 tones of red strips and the black stripe in the middle is wider. AC Milan is sponsored by the Fly Emirates, lettering is white. On the sleeve always there are iconic white three stripes. AC Milan 14-15 Home Kit use a black collar and black cuff. For the short of the home, kit is dominated by white color with three red stripes.

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This is AC Milan 14-15 Away Kit Jersey

This is AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit Jersey inspired by Brazil, AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit come to support World Cup 2014 in Brazil, so AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit color use golden yellow and dark green for striping and lettering. Different with the home kit, the new AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit use AC Milan logo in left chest, not St George’s Cross. The Adidas logo comes with dark green color. AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit use V-neck. For the short AC Milan, 14-15 Third Kit is dark green, it is suitable to combine.

That is about AC Milan jersey, for this season. AC Milan has buy some new players, because this season they have a new president club from tiongkok. With the new president, they have much money to buy new player for this season…

Malaga And Real Madrid Jersey 2017/2018

Malaga Jersey

Malaga Jersey

New Malaga 17-18 Home Kits has been launched when New Malaga anniversary. The New Malaga 14-15 Home Kit is present for New Malaga 110th anniversary. This Spanish club was found in 1904.

New Malaga 17-18 Home Kit is made by Giant U.S, Nike. New Malaga 17/18 Home Kit is not for commercial because the new New Malaga 14-15 Home Kit is sponsored by world organization for education. This kit will be worn for Spanish La Liga.

Above is New Malaga 2017-2018 Home Kit made by Nike

New Malaga 17-18 Home Kit is looked like Argentina kit. New Malaga 2017-2018 Home Kit is designed white and light blue hoops. In front, there is four white stripes and five light blue stripes. The sleeves are also blue/white stripes. This shirt is based Nike Inter Stripe IV jersey.

The New Malaga crest is on the left chest, black Nike swoosh is on right chest and The UNESCO sponsor lettering is on center with large font.

Malaga Home Jersey Kit 17/18 On the back, for the background of player name and player number, is light blue/ sky blue. New Malaga 2017/2018 Home Kit use V-neck. For honoring the New Malaga anniversary, under the back collar and the sleeve, there is a special badge.

The short and socks of New Malaga 2017-2018 Home Kit come in white. This Season, Malaga have a lost when they meet Real Madrid. On the last game, they lost with score 2-0. Gol for Real Madrid has made by Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, with the win Real Madrid, became champion.

Real Madrid Jersey

Real Madrid Jersey

Real Madrid jersey this season is leaked, for season 2017/2018 they will use a new jersey. Their Jersey has a white color for home, black for away jersey. Sponsor of Real Madrid still Fly Emirates, this word on front jersey.…

Inter Milan Jersey Kit Leaked 2017 – New Inter Milan 14-15 Home Kit have leaked On May 15, 2014. New Inter Milan 14-15 Home Kit seen a totally new design. Nike combines old design with blue pinstripes in all side of the shirt, so looked totally new design. Characteristic of Inter Home Kit is a sponsor. Pirelli is a loyal sponsor of Inter.

Inter Jersey

Inter Jersey

New Inter 14-15 Home Kit will be released immediately. This Season (2016/2017) Inter Milan can not play good, because they can not found the game. Many players who playing individual, no play with team. That is the problem for the couch to make team can play with the best strategy.

This is new New Inter Milan 14-15 Home Kit made by Nike. New Inter 14-15 Home Kit comes in a new design. Black for base color combine with blue pinstripes. Previous, black with dark blue stripes. This design truly gives new impression. On inner side is opposite with outer design, it is mainly blue and black pinstripes. On the history of design Inter Milan Home Kit, always shows the blue stripes on a shirt for more than one century.

Badge of Inter Milan is placed on the left chest and Nike swoosh is placed on right chest. Pirelli logo is in the center under the chest. Collar type of New Inter 14-15 Home Kit is same with previous design, it called polo kit collar, but there a blue element on there.

The short and the socks of New Inter 14-15 Home Kit are black/blue, it will be suited with the shirt. If you want to know the newest Inter Milan jersey for 207/2018 season you can visit website in Inter Milan Jersey. I hope this article can help you for look the new Inter Milan jersey, i know inter fans is very like to their team. Thank you very much for your attention.…