AC Milan Jersey 14-15 Home and Away Kit by Adidas

By | June 13, 2017
AC Milan Jersey

AC Milan Jersey

The New AC Milan kits release today with the truly new design. The previous the AC Milan kits were leaked in February 2014. Today AC Milan only release Milan Home and Third kits, not include away kit. AC Milan 14 15 Home And Away Third Kits Released! There is something different from design new AC Milan home kit, it is the logo AC Milan changed with St George’s Cross.

This is new AC Milan 14-15 Home Kit by Adidas

Very different for a new design of AC Milan 14-15 Home Kit. Beside change AC Milan logo with St George Cross, AC Milan shows different red-black striping on the shirt. There are 2 tones of red strips and the black stripe in the middle is wider. AC Milan is sponsored by the Fly Emirates, lettering is white. On the sleeve always there are iconic white three stripes. AC Milan 14-15 Home Kit use a black collar and black cuff. For the short of the home, kit is dominated by white color with three red stripes.

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This is AC Milan 14-15 Away Kit Jersey

This is AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit Jersey inspired by Brazil, AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit come to support World Cup 2014 in Brazil, so AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit color use golden yellow and dark green for striping and lettering. Different with the home kit, the new AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit use AC Milan logo in left chest, not St George’s Cross. The Adidas logo comes with dark green color. AC Milan 14-15 Third Kit use V-neck. For the short AC Milan, 14-15 Third Kit is dark green, it is suitable to combine.

That is about AC Milan jersey, for this season. AC Milan has buy some new players, because this season they have a new president club from tiongkok. With the new president, they have much money to buy new player for this season

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